Wednesday, February 27, 2013

26th Feb 2013 V6.11.3 YazServ
Changed on the main Yazserv window Minimize to act as normal functioning
and not hide to Taskbar Icon as prev. version did.

To Tools Menu on main Yazserv window   Hide to Taskbar Icon
This will Hide Yazserv as Minimize use to
Note. some Windows 7 Home users have issues using this

25th Feb 2013 V6.11.2 YazServ
Minor changes

24th Feb 2013 V8.98.20

20th Feb 2013 V8.98.19
Bug fix's

20th Feb 2013 V6.11.1 YazServ
Ban window moved Max user per IP and Max Connections to Settings window
Note Max User per IP can be 1-5 now only

17th Feb 2013 V8.98.18
On Yazserv List Chat Rooms window ..
Added Popup menu when you Right Click Room Name on list or Right Click on Join Room button
Join Room Local Host - Must be your room ... Use this to join your own room your hosting with yazserv on this computer
Join Room (normal method) ... This is normal way to get in room, can be used by most users (even if own room)

Chat Room when you click Change Room button and you have Yazser List Chat Room window minimized will pop it up (un-mimimize it)

16th Feb 2013 V6.11.0 YazServ
Settings ..Ignore Testing Connection results
 This will ignore the connection testing and leave the Chat room up still if fails test

Send's Yazserv version number

14th Feb 2013 V8.98.17
bugfix in Yazserv List Chat Room window

4th Feb 2013 V8.98.16
Show time in Yazserv Chat Room now like did in Yahoo
Also Extra Toys Menu ..Uptime Yazak .. Shows in Yazserv Chat Room correct time
 and says Connected Yahoo: .... did just say Connected:

On Yazserv List you can now Right click on to Copy Chat Room name to Clipboard

added "Ping Timeout! (Just needs to reconnect)" error 52 shows in login status window

Ping Yahoo was not working ...Reason Yahoo Disconnect yazak after few hours and yazak reconnected

On Connection Session time out error does not try to join Yahoo Chat Room
putting up this message "Connected Now!   Waiting for Chat List"