Wednesday, February 27, 2013

26th Feb 2013 V6.11.3 YazServ
Changed on the main Yazserv window Minimize to act as normal functioning
and not hide to Taskbar Icon as prev. version did.

To Tools Menu on main Yazserv window   Hide to Taskbar Icon
This will Hide Yazserv as Minimize use to
Note. some Windows 7 Home users have issues using this

25th Feb 2013 V6.11.2 YazServ
Minor changes

24th Feb 2013 V8.98.20

20th Feb 2013 V8.98.19
Bug fix's

20th Feb 2013 V6.11.1 YazServ
Ban window moved Max user per IP and Max Connections to Settings window
Note Max User per IP can be 1-5 now only

17th Feb 2013 V8.98.18
On Yazserv List Chat Rooms window ..
Added Popup menu when you Right Click Room Name on list or Right Click on Join Room button
Join Room Local Host - Must be your room ... Use this to join your own room your hosting with yazserv on this computer
Join Room (normal method) ... This is normal way to get in room, can be used by most users (even if own room)

Chat Room when you click Change Room button and you have Yazser List Chat Room window minimized will pop it up (un-mimimize it)

16th Feb 2013 V6.11.0 YazServ
Settings ..Ignore Testing Connection results
 This will ignore the connection testing and leave the Chat room up still if fails test

Send's Yazserv version number

14th Feb 2013 V8.98.17
bugfix in Yazserv List Chat Room window

4th Feb 2013 V8.98.16
Show time in Yazserv Chat Room now like did in Yahoo
Also Extra Toys Menu ..Uptime Yazak .. Shows in Yazserv Chat Room correct time
 and says Connected Yahoo: .... did just say Connected:

On Yazserv List you can now Right click on to Copy Chat Room name to Clipboard

added "Ping Timeout! (Just needs to reconnect)" error 52 shows in login status window

Ping Yahoo was not working ...Reason Yahoo Disconnect yazak after few hours and yazak reconnected

On Connection Session time out error does not try to join Yahoo Chat Room
putting up this message "Connected Now!   Waiting for Chat List"

Saturday, June 09, 2012

9th June 2012 V8.96.2
On Login window when SSL was checked and user has password
with charcters symbols ie "*_>+[]{}~@" and many others
Yazak was returning: Error 1212 Incorrect password

This has now been fixed, was call encoder twice.

19th May 2012 Yazak update V8.96.1
Fixed Login Protocol V15-V19 with SSL Auth Checked

SSL Auth has been fixed and will work with SSL V3
Yahoo turned off SSL V2 so Yazak stopped working as it was using SSL V2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Update your Yazak

Web Cam's Now have been Fixed update your Yazak to V8.92.0 (or higher when available) :D 

Webcam Show and View now work ... and work better than before...

The web cam's also work well with Yahoo Messenger
Standard Web Cam ... Selected by using Yahoo Messenger Menu...Actions ..More Actions... Invite to View My Webcam..... Webcam
and not the Video Call

PM's now dont lose focus from smiley faces if the other person sends you text while selecting a face.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

23th June 2011 V8.91.3     update here
Captcha on session time out now fixed and working...this is normally after 4 hours of more in chat

When clicking on Offline PM messages to put into PM window was seeing this show if alot of offline messages
"Messages sent to quick Ignored"  and losing some lines of messages ...fixed now!

On login window Full List button was enambled... made only enbled when loged into Yahoo!

On Captcha window click Blue e stops Sesson end sound now

16th June 2011 V8.91.0
Change Captcha to work with yahoo resent changes ...Now working again!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yazak Update

27th July 2010 V8.89.22

Changed on log in window  to new chat servers
types sp1 & ac4
cs201 - cs220
cs201p1 - cs220p1
cs201p2 - cs220p2
cs201p3 - cs220p3
cs201p4 - cs220p4

Note some of these servers currently dont function....  204 ,214 ,219  some I've noticed on p4

Dropped cs101 - cs130

Changed on chat room Font selector
Removed "Font Selector button"  as to slow and not needed
Hilights the favorite Font now in white
Shows the selected font in the Combo as you select a favorite selection
Shows font as Tooltip if you hover mouse over favorite selection

Thursday, June 24, 2010

22nd June 2010 V8.89.17

Change on login window menu
Both these removed as not longer work
Show WCS (webCam Chat server)
Refresh Friends list cookies

Refresh on Buddies window popup menu   removed also

Bug fix when login in was login you back out again after few seconds loging in
This was happening after getting disconnected sometimes,  the OffLineFlag was not being reset, now resets soon as your connected

Bugfix when still in Chat Room after sign back in then Show Chat Room used Chat Name was being removed when new user entered room..fixed

Bugfix Chat Room list name selector had small fault

Thursday, March 18, 2010

17th March 2010  V8.88.4

Bugfix when in YMSG V102 a request of friend to add you the Allow request was being greyed out and not available ..Fixed now works in on V102

Changed in on Chat Room when adding names to not add id's with spaces in them.

18th Febuary 2010  V8.88.3
Added to chat Room   Join eXploit Beater is OFF
see this option next to Shiled JX
click on to turn on when some is using the join room exploit, yo will see green light flashing madly
note you will not when on see other users joining the room

Added on login window when SSL is unchecked and cookie is unchecked
when you get message bacause current saved cookie date has timed out
Reject Code:1015  Check  Get New Cookie  and Log into Yahoo again

1st Febuary 2010
Update on YazServer v3.11.0 extented date till Jan 2012

25th January 2010  V8.88.2

Change when Logged out of Chat Room
Now turn's off Chat Room session is ending soon warning sound
Also added X to messagess so you can clear them

Added on Chat Room Shield to show YMSG protocol currently on when move mouse over

changed on PM windows in voice postion of status message so not on top on username chatting too

Added on boot alert user name on pkt D3

14th January 2010  V8.88.1
Fix for Multi entering room Exploit
Yazak will start ignoring compleatly multi entering room users what was lagging yazak....
note not tested how affective this is ...but putting it out anyway......

11th January 2010  V8.88.0
Added on Preferences Page 5 Info Tags
You can now turn off all Info tags used by Yazak in chat rooms or just some.

Show Info Tags  - Uncheck and No Info tags will be used

Tags you can choose to not show are as follows

SEX:    Male  Female

Added on Preferences Page 4 Hi Messages "Refresh" button
When you now use "Hi Messages Edit" button to edit the Chat Room Hi menu's you can now hit the Refresh button to see editing affect

Also now when you use "Hi Messages Edit" button the preference window just minimizes now and doesn't close preferences

Bugfix on ignore window
SelMatch Words was losing focus and not showing selected names, unless you right clicked on them