Saturday, January 09, 2010

9th January 2010  V8.87.26
added on boot alert
Added user name on pkt BD and DA
Change moved BooterFloods.txt used by Boot Alert to Vista/Window7 Compatable place

Change Moved ErrorLog.txt used by Error logs to Vista/Window7 Compatable place
Change Moved LinkHistory folder to Vista/Window7 Compatable place

Fixed open Audio Mixer to work on Vista and Windows 7
When you right click on Mic in chat room Audio Mixer should now open with Windows7/Vista
also works on popup menu's

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Yazak Out Jan 1st 2010

1st January 2010 V8.87.25 
Added on Protection Settings a Changed Protocol button (right click Shield)
You can now change Protocol version while connected and in room
handy if you with to change to V102 to stop getting booted
or wish to change from V102 to voice chat in pm's

The changed to version that is shown will be
V102 if current in V15-V17 or V17 if in V102
Change on Buddies list ... Preferences on popup menu
--> PM Preferences shows Pm preferences
--> Main Preferences shows Main preferences
Change disenabled 6 hours option in refs page4 longer functions
Change Made Emote Ignore %IGNR% command now use days to
Ignore setting on Ignore window was set to 7 days